OkayCMS 3.0

Table of contents
  1. OKAY CMS 3 Released
  2. 1. New design
  3. 2. Training Section
  4. 2. Modularity
  5. 2. Setting site colors
  6. Why did we go for such a global change?
  7. How to upgrade from previous versions of OkayCMS to version 3. *?

OKAY CMS 3 Released

Our team has been working on the new version of OkayCMS 3.0.0 for a long time. The changes included in the new version significantly expanded the functionality.

Many global changes have been implemented with a completely redesigned kernel and completely updated program code. We hope you appreciate our work and new features of the system.

1. New design
The new design is designed to meet all usability requirements for online stores.
2. Training Section
Okaycms Learning
A new training section, which contains instructions for basic work on the site.
2. Modularity
Completely redesigned structure, the appearance of modularity
2. Setting site colors
Okaycms Settings
A new block has appeared in the design settings for setting site colors

Why did we go for such a global change?

First. The basis of the first and second versions of OkayCMS was made using the old code. At the time of the creation of our system, in 2015, the code that was used was still relevant, but entering 2020 with what was - is not good.

Second one Problems with expanding the functionality of the store. Due to the fact that previous versions of the system were not modular, when it was necessary to expand the functionality globally, all changes were made immediately to the kernel and this created complex code. All subsequent improvements to such a project were implemented more and more difficult. Now, with the transition to modularity, this problem will be partially solved.

Third. System updates. This problem partially arises from the second. When improvements touched the core of the system, updating the modified system was problematic. In some cases, it was more reasonable to refuse updates to a highly modified system. Now that the work will be carried out separately from the kernel, system updates should be faster and more painless.

Fourth. Convenience for new users. The basis for successful development is a good community around the product. The code of previous versions was simple, convenient, but still specific, not using patterns and made "in its own way." The problem that arose from this, to new programmers who started their education with developers with frameworks like Laravel, the system seemed immediately incomprehensible and they did not really want to undertake to make small improvements on it. The new version of the system is more consistent with the main trends in the programming world and should make a simpler entry threshold for new programmers, new web studios, etc. who decide to use our system in their work.

How to upgrade from previous versions of OkayCMS to version 3. *?

OkayCMS 3 is a system with a completely redesigned kernel and completely updated program code, so templates and modules from previous versions are incompatible.

All license holders of the Pro version of OkayCMS can order the transfer of their data to the new version or, in the case of a large number of improvements and individual templates, stay on version 2. * which we will continue to support and for which we will release updates containing fixes for comments about which we will know. Transferring data to version 3. * from previous versions will take 1 hour of technical support.

In the case of transferring data to the new version, we will transfer to version 3. * all your products, categories, brands, pages, blog entries, orders and registered customers. After the transfer, you will receive a site with all the functionality of the OkayCMS version 3. * design of version 3. * and the contents of the database from your site on the previous version of OkayCMS. To order an upgrade to 3.0, write to us at info@okay-cms.com or contact technical support from the admin. panels.

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